When Louise mentioned Rain Curtain my ears pricked up I do Love a Challenge, so after much research and a pin interest picture of the type courtyard, this design was agreed upon The materials were decided later and Porcelain tiles replaced the granite, Ipe decking was chosen and after some thought Copper was the preferred option for cladding the Rain Curtain and Hammock supports. One of the supports in reality would have detracted from the aesthetic value and was ditched, this left some of the copper sheets without a use, after some deliberation it was decided that the top of the Pizza Oven would be clad and the clay chimney clad with a removable cowl operated by copper tube attached to the end. So with a lift of the hand to clear the chimney top and a twist, the chimney was open for full draught and to keep the inside of the oven dry a twist and lowering of the copper tube gave a perfect covering