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Original oil Painting by Graham Smith

The Work Hots up as Spring approaches

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Spring is in the air

More enquiries are coming in for Landscaping along with Garden Design, starting at just £150 for a 3D design, it represents exceptional value for new Clients who are unsure of what they want to achieve, besides ironing out any would be mistakes, due to different interpretations and assumptions that can easily be made.

3D Garden Design

Categories: 3d garden design
  • Motability designed front Garden with Ample parking and a ramp meandering through to the side of the property and up to the back Annexe
  • The ramp between the elegant Steps

Here we have a front garden design in 3D

Specifically for a Wheelchair and Motability Access.

The brief here was to design a front garden for ample parking, elegant steps, all with a contemporary garden feel. I believe that this delivers on all points

What a total bunch of weak limp politicians.

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I am sickened by the sad pathetic behaviour of our disgraceful politicians.

They aren’t fit for the job behaving like spoilt brats that can’t get their own way.

Edited 15:50 29/03/2019 

Well the Truth is out these blinkered and blind pompous politicians have shown their true colours, damn what the majority want, we know best! So Stuff You Brexiteers.

What a disgraceful shambles!!!!

It's time for the worm to turn!!

Listening to all of those shameful politicians justifying their corrupted sense of righteousness is sickening, each and everyone of them displaying their shallowness and pomposity off, and not a man amongst them to arise out of the self inflicted turmoil, choosing rather to ridicule the only one amongst them with a pair of balls. We all make mistakes but to see the venomous sneers and ridicules aimed at the only honourable person amongst them, further confirms their own inadequacies and weakness, and complete and utter failure to produce a good sound exit from the EU.

Landscaping in Westlake Monday Blues

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Help I’m in the ditch

Had a Phone call this morning as I was just getting ready to leave, It was Sam, my van has just slipped into a ditch, are you blocking the road? I enquired. No just the lane.

When I arrived the Sprinter was still in the ditch, I weighed up the pros and cons and thought lets see if the 1 1/2 tonne excavator will manage, it didn’t, the AA were called but couldn’t get there before 11:00 AM so I thought lets try the digger pulling from the rear of the van and My sprinter this eventually worked after snapping a towing chord..

Success at last we got on with the job in Hand and progressed the work further.

Pictures to follow of the work.

Landscaping in Westlake


This project is in reality an Add-on to a Landscaping Project we completed in 1988

It is a joy and a privilege to be invited back after so long, to add more to the Garden, by extending tired patio laid by my client Peter. I remember at the time being impressed by the work for one who’s day job is in Law.

Needless to say this is no small project now as it has been divided into 3 Categories Lane, Drive and Patio

Situated on a by-lane and in a valley water cascading down the lane has eventually been over running the two entrances to the garden with silt washing down into the garden.. Many attempts have been directed at this problem, only too soon to be overwhelmed by the magnitude and volumes of silt and water. The Lane when we have finished should be easy to maintain and parking areas free from the silt and water. With two gullies and two silt traps designed to handle this amount of water, it is now just for us to complete this stage.

Lets get things right by working together

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  • Photo by Benjamin Elliott on Unsplash
  • Scotland by David Brooks
  • Jonathan Kirby
  • Jonathan Kirby
  • Houses of Parliament

What is up with the politicians

Well I guess we all Know Blinkered and blinded by a red rag, realising that they are on a sinking ship, but still jockeying for position instead of working together to plug the hole.

The vote was held and the outs won, whatever your views you must do what the people voted for or you are undemocratic, a bigot, a very very bad loser, and not fit for your office, there are no ifs or buts it is what it is.

What is the matter with these politicians leaving their parties frame it any way you will, these are traitors to the majority of voters who voted leave they are totally self centered spoilt brats. They are not fit for office.

They should be pulling together to get a deal on the table. In the old days they would lose their heads. I think they have lost their heads and making deranged decisions.

This is now a call for the people of Britain to band together an show these pathetic losers how it’s done  

The eu don’t want to play ball, stuff them. Just leave

Rain and Landscaper

Categories: 3d garden design
  • Simple 3D design of patio with Steps
  • View to what was nicknamed Alhambra built in 1988
  • View over the Valley from Alhambra
  • The view towards the new Patio just being prepared for the Type One sub-base (803) to be added for stability and longevity
  • The twisting steps in 2019

The Rain Plays A Big Part In Our Performance.

This was my first Post on my Blog but for some reason it disappeared when I added some new content, So here we go again.

Just started a new Job in Westlake near Ivybridge, well really it is an Add-on to a project I completed in 1988, so hear are some old and new pictures of the Old and New

The White Hart Modbury

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What a sad day

Just taking Diana my wife for a well earned treat at The White Hart only to find the doors shuttered, and no lights on. Why? 

The food was excellent in every way, how could such a place close when it had such a great reputation.

Further down the road St Lukes Hospice provided the answer The Gales family with their young boys had decided to move on, with new owners taking up residence in the near future.

Whoever takes it on will need to step up to the standards set by Mr Gales a tough act to follow

Rain Curtain Garden

Categories: 3d garden design lifestyle
  • The 3 D Design was agreed upon
  • Here the Pizza Oven with chimney cover, with storage underneath and also under the wooden seating areas that are built in
  • Theres a fire burning in that there Pizza Oven, you can see the copper tube used to move the chimney cover up and down the storage cupboards kept close by slipping gently under the copper overhang to prevent moisture ingress some has already taking on the verdigris effect that will male this garden Awesome
  • Seating on the upper patio with a view down to the Pizza Oven
  • The copper clad support of the Rain curtain in the foreground Pebbles used to cover the reservoir and the Ipe decking looks amazing when wet
  • The Copper Clad Rain Curtain works a treat

This Job Has been a Joy to do 

To read more click on the picture

A Day In The Life

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  • Joe Workmans Logo
  • Joe Workman  web Add on entrepreneurs
  • Maryfield Coachhouse Patio with Coad stones and Street Lamp

A Day In The Life of A Landscaper

Its been a long haul trying to publish a Blog, more complicated than I care to imagine, but hey ho we are just about there With a little tweak should get rid of these crap 404 Pages. Sometimes you follow everything to the letter and it still doesn't work, but hey ho I am tenacious enough not to let it beat me.

Hope this gets back to you Joe


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