Derna Landscapes

Garden Design In 3D with Night Scenes

The Garden Design in this instance

Is for a very steeply sloping Garden Near Down Thomas, Wembury, In this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
The picture on the right is a section of the original 3D design. This has changed somewhat due to (1) remodeling around a Cess Pit, and (2) The alignment of the raised beds to allow for a walkway to maintain the raised beds.

Original 3D design for Invoresk

The benifit of 3D Design

The benefits of this 3D Design service is that it enables you to see how your garden will look and to see if it satisfies your needs before any real money is spent.
It is of utmost importance to us to get the design right for you, as you have to live with the end result, this is the reason for our success.
We are passionate about our work; so isn’t it time for you to step on up to a Derna Garden

The night scenes

The addition of the night scenes allows the creation of lifelike images, these are all 3D designs, using up to date design techniques.
The advantage of this process is that it eliminates that may be forgotten or overlooked element in the design making it a simple process to iron out, consolidating a foolproof approach to garden design

  • Courtyard settingnight scene
    The Hot tub night scene with Stonemarket Beachside paving
  • Grand Steps Crossing Over A Disibility Access Ramp
    Disabled Ramp Brought into to this front garden with skill and Style
  • Motability Access With Aple Parking Space
    with ample parking space for a large family
  • A Nautical themed front garden
    A Nautical garden design scene
  • Garden design with random granite paving
    Design for the back Garden using random granite flags and plum Slate with a small water wall
  • Contemporary Garden Design
    Garden design in Wembury
  • Nautical theme design
    from a higher viewpoint
  • My Image
    Nautical theme in Wembury
  • A Classical Front Garden  Design
    Nautical theme from a higher viewpoint
  • contemporary design Wembury
    This was produced on an older punch program Architectural 18
  • A view from the doorway to the park beyond Plymouth
    A view from the doorway to the park beyond Plymouth

Derna Landscapes

Painted from a photograph of Monet at Giverny

Monet in his Garden at Giverny

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